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Zeeva International designs, engineers and manufactures cutting-edge electronic products. Delivering brilliant technology through innovation and experience, and combining it with emotional appeal.

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“Going Beyond Creativity. ”

One Vision, Diverse Innovations.

Ideas to Shape the World. Technology and Drive to Achieve Them.

Zeeva International believes in the power of imagination and the ability to change the world through innovation. At Zeeva, we achieve excellence by starting with a concept and following through to creation. We transform ideas into reality, delivering only the best for our customers. 

With over 30 years of experience Zeeva International are stalwarts in the electronics industry. Zeeva started off in the mid-80’s as an electronics trading firm specializing in video and audio electronics. Today it is a global player, challenging industry norms and playing a vital role in electronics manufacturing.

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Zeeva’s innovation and creativity means that we are constantly evolving and thriving. Keep up-to-date with everything Zeeva, from company news to events.

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